Custom Built System

Finetech provides you professionally custom built systems that meet the necessary requirements.We use the latest and greatest parts from reputable manufactures and from the initial quote to the finished product.We keep the customer and purpose in mind when it comes to performance, usability and upgradability.
Our technicians can help you to build a new system without any promotional junk.Our reputation and customer feedback are the most valuable assets of the company.Our technicians work very efficiently. Once receiving your order. Our professionals will assemble and test the whole system for you with accurate compatibility.
Our professional technicians provide you systems that meet with the present demands also ensures your system stays up and running for years to come.

FT Custom Desktop

Cases & Power Supplies ATX Cases w/o P.S.FT Custom made.Intel Core i3 (3.70 Ghz)HDD.....

FT Custom Gaming Extreme PC i7 (Gen7)

Gaming Computer Intel Core i7 (3.60 Ghz)Kopplen z3 Atx Temper glass case Cases & Power Supplies .....

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